Accusations (2016)

concept and choreography Ann Van den Broek
from and with Ann Van den Broek, Gregory Frateur, Wolf Govaerts, Laila Gozzi, An Hackselmans, Louis Combed, Nik Rajšek, Frauke Mariën and also with Riedon van den Berg / Davide Calabrese 
text Ann Van den Broek en Gregory Frateur
video- and lighting design Bernie van Velzen
sound and composition Nicolas Rombouts
styling costumes Veronique Branquinho
text advice Hans Timmerman
advice Marc Vanrunxt
photography Maarten Vanden Abeele 

“An extraordinary production, a combination of funeral procession, installation, fashion show, pop concert and monologue. (…) The movements, sounds and images gradually build up and then it takes off and becomes raw and rocks. That transition is fascinating. (…) With the title song Accusations, Gregory Frateur brings the group to a climax.” (de Volkskrant ****)
Accusations solo - I control  (2017)
Solos   (2016- 2017)
Mescalina (2015)

choreography  Vincenzo de Rosa
dancers  Laila Gozzi, Vincenzo de Rosa
music  " I lie" David Lang
live music accompaniment Romàn Santos
composer  Diego Zandonà

A dance piece about schizofrenia  commissioned by filmmaker Daniel Krikke for the  campaign "Het is nooit te last" that deals with psychosis.
Silver Morning (2014)

director   Guido F.G. Jeurissen
director of Photography   Lawrence Lee Walkman
art Director   RUAW
music Composer  Jelke Landman
choreographer   Danej Seljuk
cast   Célia Rossmanns
          Laila Gozzi
          Gido van Ooijen
          Emma Evelein
          Ying-Du Matthijsse
full credits  IMDB

In a world where time and space are absent, a young woman finds herself stuck in the daily repetition of life. After she breaks loose, she begins the search for contact. But will others respond to her love? Based on the Symposion Aristophanes, Silver Morning is the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration between film, fashion and dance. (Rauwkost Collective)

Silent Word (2013)

choreography  Frederik Kaijser
dancers  Laila Gozzi, Tom Elphick
music  "Infra 5" Max Richter 

"Mounth shut, mind open. No sound to be heard.
Time to scream. Fearlessly.
When you're finally ready to scream on top of your lungs, in the millisecond before, your head fills with darkness." Frederik Kaijser
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