Dance Biography

I  was born in 1993 in Verona, Italy. I started my ballet training at the age of five in a private school of my hometown. In 2010 I followed a professional dance course promoted by Cruisin’ in Verona. In 2013, after receiving the high school diploma, I moved to the Netherlands to attend Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy. Here I got to perform works made by Martha Graham, Jiří Kylián, Ton Simons, Juanjo Arques, Kyle Abraham, Neel Verdoorn and others. In my last year of study, before graduation, I joined the Belgian and Dutch company WArd|waRD - Ann Van Den Broek . During my time in the ensemble I danced in Pushing The Wheel, We Solo Men, Accusations and Accusations Solos
Artistic vision

I would describe myself as a dancer and as a performance artist able to use dance skills, various art forms abilities and other expression and communication capacities. I’m someone who look beneath the surface to find out the complex reality of things .
I appreciate the Art that destabilizes conventions, reveals uncertainties, highlights paradoxes and contradictions, stimulates progress, takes care of ever open debates and actuality. I believe that dance can do all this using a spontaneous and intuitive body language and revealing on stage the most valuable inside part of the performers.
As an artist I aim to reach the viewers with a message and create an impact on them.
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